Moving Out?

A written 30 days’ notice to vacate by mail or drop it off at our office. We do not accept move out notices by voice, email or fax. Please provide us with the date you will move out and your forwarding address.

Star Metro will mail you and email you a confirmation of your notice to vacate. If you have not received our confirmation of receipt of your notice within 3 Business days, please contact the office to verify that we have received your notice.

The confirmation will include move out instructions, your move out prorate, and a ledger of your balance due.

Leave the apartment clean. This includes appliances, cabinets, floors, remove nails.
Remove all of your personal property. We charge for removal of personal belongings.
Do not use the building garbage receptacles for disposing your personal items at move-out. You will be charged for this.

Upon vacating be sure to drop keys off at the office drop box in am envelope with your name and full address.

We will notify you in writing no more than 30 days after receiving the keys to your unit of the charges against your deposit. Refund checks will be mailed in the names of ALL tenants on the agreement.

Please contact us with any questions.