Is due on the 1st. of each month. No exceptions for weekends, holidays, or postage delays. We have given you a grace period through midnight of the 4th. A late fee will be charged if full rent has not been received by the 4th of the month.  All payments are to be made payable to Star Metro Properties, Inc.. No cash accepted or checks  No partial payments will be accepted without prior authorization and proper forms signed. We will not hold postdated checks. Secured funds are required to cure a NSF check.  On the 8th of each month a 72 hr notice for nonpayment will be issued. Payments after the 7th must be made by certified funds. If you do not comply with the notice, Star Metro Properties, Inc. may begin eviction proceedings.

Payment Methods

Online-For fast easy and secure payment use online payment through your tenant portal. You can set up auto-payments or one-time payments, with a checking or savings account or credit card. Rent reminders can be emailed to you, and you have real-time updated access to your account you also receive a receipt. This is a free service.

Pay with cash with your  pay slip at any 7-11.

Moving Out

30-Day-Notice is required

Moving out Form

A written 30 days notice to vacate is required by mail or drop off at our office. We do not accept move out notices by voice, email or fax. Please provide us with the date you will move out and your forwarding address.

Star Metro will mail you and email you a confirmation of your notice to vacate. If you have not received our confirmation of receipt of your notice within 3 Business days, contact the office to verify that we have received your notice.

The confirmation will include move out instructions, your move out prorate, and a ledger of your balance due.

Leave the apartment clean. This includes appliances, cabinets, floors, remove nails.
Remove all of your personal property. We charge for removal of personal belongings.
Do not use the building garbage receptacles for disposing your personal items at move-out. You will be charged for this.

Upon vacating be sure to drop keys off at the office drop box in am envelope with your name and full address.

We will notify you in writing no more than 30 days after receiving the keys to your unit of the charges against your deposit. Refund checks will be mailed in the names of ALL tenants on the agreement.

Please contact us with any questions.

Roommate Changes

Call the office for any roommate changes prior to change. All roommate changes must be screened and approved before change occurs. Failure to comply may result in termination of your rental agreement.

Exiting tenant must supply 30 day written notice to vacate to the Star Metro Properties office including any forwarding information as well as current contact information.
If the roommate is still on a lease the lease brake fee still applies. If it’s month to month a roommate release form is required and the current tenant has to qualify by them self to stay in the unit.

A confirmation letter will be sent to the exiting tenant notifying them that any and all deposits shall remain with the Unit.

If there is to be a replacement roommate, that person must submit a completed rental application In the event that the incoming roommate qualifies but with an ‘Additional Deposit’, the new additional deposit amount will be charged to the tenant ledger and the new roommate must pay the additional charges.

Once qualified, the tenants, as well as the new roommate, must sign a new lease agreement that will meet or extend the current lease term BEFORE new roommate moves in and BEFORE 30 day notice expires.

Exiting roommate cannot be removed from a LEASE without paying a lease buyout fee during lease period.


All of our rental properties are smoke free indoors. Please be courteous to neighbors. Please reference your rental agreement. No smoking within 10ft of any exterior door, window, or vent.


Tenants will behave and require other person on the premises with the consent of the tenant to behave in a manner that will not disturb the peaceful enjoyment of others. Tenants will restrict all sounds or noise so as not to be heard outside the unit. Tenants and there guest shall not be permitted to play or loiter in halls, stairways, entrances of building or common areas except in those designated by management. Quite hours are 10pm-8am


No pets without written agreement and subject to the noise requirement. Please refer to pet agreement. Failure to comply may result in pet being asked to move.


Painting is not allowed. If you choose to paint it can be expensive to paint back.

Picture Hanging

We allow you to hang a reasonable amount of pictures or shelf’s, be sure upon vacating you DO NOT patch any holes from any kind.

Light Bulbs

Tenants shall replace all broken glass and light bulbs at their own expense, all light fixtures are 60watts and under. If you use a higher wattage, you will be charges a $50 per light build violation.


During the winter months it is important to guard against property damage due to freezing weather. Keeping your unit warm and well ventilated will reduce the risk of mold and mildew buildup.

Please use the following tips:
* Keep your heat above 60 degrees when you will be gone for more than 24 hours;
* Open cupboard doors to expose plumbing to heat. If your pipes break, immediately shut off water; and call us.
* Keep a steady drip flow in the faucets when temperatures are below 32 degrees.

Exterior attachments

Tenant shall obtain written permission before installing: signs, insignia, air conditioners, antenna, or any other devices to the exterior or interior walls, windows, or roof of the premises.


Star Metro Properties highly recommends obtaining a renters insurance policy. This can usually be done through the same insurance company that you have auto insurance through. The landlords insurance does not cover any of the tenant’s personal property from fire, theft, hurricanes, roof or plumbing leaks, and other occurrences that may damage your personal property.


You are expected to maintain your home and keep it in as good or better condition than when you took possession.

Tenants are responsible for securing any pets that the vendor may encounter, on their visit to the property.

You must be prepared to give permission to enter or make yourself or a representative available to let a vendor or repair-person into the unit to make repairs. By allowing permission to enter, repairs will go much faster. If you must be present, we will give you a 4-8 hour window for our repair-person to arrive.


Lock outs are not considered emergency

If the Emergency is Life Threatening Call 911 Immediately

Emergency is defined as: Anything relating to the property under the lease that is threatening to life, health or the integrity of the property.  Examples of a maintenance emergency: Fire, flood, broken pipe or sewage backup, gas odor. These are the basic calls that may constitute an emergency. If you have a situation other than these, that is immediately hazardous, damaging or detrimental call the emergency phone line and make sure to leave a detailed message.

Non-Emergency/Routine Maintenance-The following are examples of non emergencies-annoying noise, minor leaks, refrigerator out, lock-outs, clogged toilet or drain, no hot water, power or gas off, oven not working.

Star Metro Properties Inc. is not responsible for loss of food or for alternative lodging due to appliance failure.

Tenants need emergency preparedness for their own families (cooler, space heater, etc)

If there is an emergency after office hours, please call our toll free Emergency # 1-866-244-4050 (Lock out is not considered an emergency) If you have a lock smith come just have them let you in and contact us for new keys. Our locks are custom and we will have to charge you to re-key them back.

Warning- If you claim you have an emergency and one does not exist, you will be charged for the cost of the service call.

General Maintenance, Care, and Troubleshooting

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Tenants are responsible for keeping fresh batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Removing or tampering with a smoke alarm is punishable under Oregon Law  with fines up to $250 per occurrence.

Press the test button or test with approved smoke detector smoke spray monthly. If your smoke detector beeps, replace battery with 10-year lithium battery.

No Hot Water

Electric water heater- Check and reset breaker in electric panel… Push reset button on water heater.

Gas water heater-Check to see if pilot is lit on gas hot water tank. Make sure your account is current by calling the Gas company directly 800-422-4012


Plumbing or fixtures leak-Turn off water at supply line under sink or behind toilet, or at water heater and contact Star Metro immediately.

Toilet is plugged-Plunge and test, if the toilet is overflowing turn water off at knob behind toilet and mop up any excess water. Many apartments now have low-flow toilets. We strongly recommend that you keep a plunger on hand. Low flow toilets tend to clog or back up if too much paper etc. is flushed.

Never put sanitary napkins, diapers, handy wipes, napkins or paper towels down the toilet. A plunger should always be kept on hand and tenants are expected to plunge their own toilets.


Avoid storing things on top of toilet as things may fall into toilet causing it to back up. (This would be charged back to you.)

Avoid letting hair, grease, or other foreign objects go down the drain.
Be sure to scrape all dishes of excess food before loading them into the dishwasher.
After bathing make sure to remove and excess hair left in the drain catcher to help avoid clogs.

Hardware stores will also carry “hair catchers” to place in sinks and tub drains to help keep drains free of hair.

No Heat

It’s not a bad idea to always have a space heater available for emergency heat loss.

Electric Heat-Check thermostat setting. Press reset on furnace. For electric wall heaters vacuum coils or remove front panel & press reset. Make sure that nothing is blocking the return vent.

Gas Heat-Check thermostat setting. Check to see if pilot is lit, press reset. If that does not work call NW Natural and verify your account is current.

No electricity

Check to see if the whole area is without power.

Check to see if a circuit breaker is tripped. To reset a tripped breaker, move the switch all the way to “OFF,” then all the way back to “ON” position…

No power to plugs or switches-Check and reset all GFI (Ground Fault Indicator) outlets located in all areas of your house (kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, and garages). Check if plug works off a wall switch.

Light not working -Check light switch, check the light bulb (ladder may be needed or light bulb extension pole). Tenants are responsible for bulb replacement.


Dishwasher won’t drain-Clean food out of bottom of dishwasher or check for any obstruction. If dishwasher grinds or no water is coming in, turn off. If no water is on the bottom pour two large glasses of water into the bottom and restart. If water is leaking stop using until fixed.

Refrigerator Problems-Check if thermostat in refrigerator is set correctly. Make sure door is closing correctly. Keep coils on refrigerators free of dust. Most refrigerators have a drip pan under them. If not kept clean, an odor may develop. It is normal for the drip pan to accumulate water.

Stove not working-Make sure the stove is plugged in. Check all breakers. If the burner coil is not working, make sure it is in socket correctly.

Washer-Check breakers and make sure load is balanced.  Washer is leaking water stop using until fixed.

Dryer-Dryer not working check breaker, make sure dryer is plugged in and clean dryer vents.


House Plants-Be sure drip pans are kept under all house plants. Water runoff will stain or damage most surfaces.

Kitchen Counters-To avoid nicks and cuts, use a cutting board at all times. For Granite counters, do not use abrasive cleaner or even vinegar. It is best to use warm water and a sponge with liquid dish washing soap. Many counter-tops are made of porous materials. Use care in letting cleaning products or liquids sit for too long. Extended contact may cause stains or discoloration.

General Cleaning

It is important to keep your unit in a clean and sanitary condition.

Take your trash out immediately to appropriate containers. Do not leave trash outside your doors. These will attract bugs and unwanted pests.

Mini Blinds-To clean mini blinds DO NOT soak them. The finish may bubble and peel. Spray them with a mild soap and water solution and wipe them.

Hardwood Floors-DO NOT use a wax or oil on hardwoods like (murphy’s oil). Use a soft cloth or Swiffer product and warm water with a drop of liquid soap. Do not keep house plants on the floor. Use throw rugs in front of doors, sink and stove. This will help with damage from dirt, grease and water.

Carpet Care-Carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week to remove the dirt from the carpet and to help keep the pile erect. Heavy traffic areas require more frequent vacuuming to eliminate the coarse particles that can act as abrasive on the fiber. You must have a motor driven brush and beater type of vacuum cleaner if the home you rent has carpet. Before moving in the carpets were professionally cleaned. You will need to have them professionally cleaned upon move out or this amount will be charged to your account. To pretest a stain removal solution, pick an inconspicuous area such as a closet corner. Apply a couple drops of solution to a clean white towel and rub a small spot of the carpet. If the color transfers to the cloth or the carpet color changes, stop immediately. React immediately to stains. Always use a pre-tested spot removal solution. Blot (do not rub) up spills with a clean white material such as tissue or cloth. Work from the outer edge of the spot towards the center to prevent spreading or rings. Treat the area with spotting solutions until the stain is removed. Rinse the area with water and then absorb the remaining moisture with clean white towels.

Mold-A page was included with your move in paperwork about how to prevent and clean mold and mildew. Please refer to that hand-out for any specific questions. Bleach is the best product for removing mold that forms around the edge of showers, tub tile walls, metal windows, and anywhere else there is moisture.

For a complete list of policies and procedures please refer to your rental agreement.